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Unicorn Systems is a renowned European company providing the largest information systems and solutions in the area of information and communication technologies. We have been operating on the market since 1990 and since then we have created a series of high-end large-scale solutions that are widespread and used among the most important companies in a variety of sectors.  >> more

Unicorn Universe is an information systems digital construction kit. It is designed to create smart, internet-based solutions for information sharing and collaboration and it supports management decision-making by making information available anytime and from anywhere, while at the same time making sure all information is secure. Unicorn Universe based solutions are provided by the Plus4U Internet service.  >> more

Unicorn College is a reputable private university offering a high-quality university education in the field of information and communication technologies, economics, and management. We focus on the systematic education of specialists in accredited disciplines with the aim of maximizing graduates’ competitive edge in their career.  >> more
Unicorn Systems
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